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Company introduction

         fittings- Hebei Heiniu Electric power fittings Co., Ltd. is a private scientific and technological electric power fittings manufacturer integrating scientific research, development and production, providing users with a variety of electric power products。  The company has nine production workshops for casting, aluminum profiles, forging, metalworking, copper and aluminum welding, glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation materials, anti-corrosion treatment, steel processing, switches and accessories。
  The company has strong technical force, with mature flash welding, friction welding, rod welding and other copper aluminum welding and argon arc welding and other processes, has a full series of high and low pressure casting, gravity casting, sand casting and profile extrusion technology, glass fiber reinforced plastic production line。Has formed a complete range of products for user requirements, to serve customers - based production pattern。
   The company has a perfect after-sales service and technical consulting system, with integrity as the link, abide by the quality commitment, sincere exchanges and cooperation with our customers。

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