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Main points of use of aluminum alloy suspension clip:


    铝The alloy hanging wire clamp is made of aluminum alloy by casting the body and pressing plate of the wire clamp, without hanging plate, and its hanging point is located above the axis of the wire;Suspension clip is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string or suspend the lightning conductor on the straight pole tower. It is also used to support the transposition conductor on the transposition pole tower, and the tension resistance and the fixed jump on the corner pole tower. The clip has light weight, small magnetic loss and high strength, and is more suitable for the small and medium section steel core aluminum stranded wire and aluminum stranded wire.

     The technical requirements for the application of suspension clip shall be as follows:

   1) The overhang Angle of the wire clip is not less than 25°.

   2) The radius of curvature of wire clamp should not be less than 8 times the diameter of mounting wire.

   3) The percentage value of rated tension resistance of wire and the grip force of different wires (corresponding to GB/T 1179- -2008 standard wire) should not be less than the value in Table 3-1-1.


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