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Connecting fixture [right Angle hanging plate] features!


    The connecting rod is used to form a string of suspended insulators and hang them on the pole and tower. The connection between the hanging wire clip for the straight pole and tower and the wire clip for the non-straight pole and tower and the insulator string is also assembled by the connecting rod。Anchors for other towers and cables for towers will also be used to connect the fittings.

    Right Angle hanging plate for the connection of gold fittings,也叫三腿直角挂板;一般采用中厚多板经冲压弯曲而成,According to the structure point right Angle hanging plate can be processed by steel plate,Ductile iron or cast steel can be used to manufacture right-angle hanging plates with large load grades,直角挂板可分为三腿直角挂板挂板和四腿直角挂板;三腿直角挂板的一端与单板相接,另一端与双板金具相接;直角挂板是一种改变连接方向的转向连接金具,Because the connection directions are at right angles to each other,Therefore, the transformation is flexible and extensibility is strong.

          Connecting hardware technology

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