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Stable operation is the key to protect insulators!


    Insulators are the key to ensure the stability of transmission lines and play an important protective role in transmission line engineering in the process of transmission line operation. In order to meet the actual needs of transmission lines at any time, key points for attention should be analyzed during the operation of transmission lines.Reliable and stable operation is the key to insulator life,Due to the complex conditions encountered by insulators in transmission line work (including cold, heat, high temperature and high pressure and other factors),In order to ensure that it can play a normal role in complex working conditions,The working conditions of insulators should be analyzed in many aspects,And ensure that the working state of the insulator can meet the actual working conditions.

    From the use of insulators in transmission lines,There are four types of insulators that are more commonly encountered,有瓷质绝缘子、玻璃绝缘子、盘式绝缘子、复合绝缘子;不同材质的绝缘子在使用中的功能也是有不同的,The issues that need attention in engineering also vary,Therefore, inspection personnel should know the material type of insulator before conducting line inspection,Then the corresponding detection scheme is adopted to match it.

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