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    Power fittings are all kinds of devices in connecting and combining power systems,Metal accessories for transmission of mechanical load and electrical load and some protective effect,The conductor connection fittings of power cable are an important part of installing various types of cable ends,It is very important for the long term safe operation of the line,Power cable conductor connection method includes crimping method and welding method,The conductor connection is required not to increase the temperature of the conductor by more than the value of the conductor during the transmission of the current,And can withstand the allowable tension of the cable conductor.Metalware is a product with an important role in high voltage power, so it is used in large numbers. With the increase of application scope and continuous development, different products in the use of characteristics and role also have a great difference, so it is necessary to have a certain understanding of them, in the selection of suitable products to use.

    The company is well located,Convenient transportation,是各类高新金具产品的生产、研发、销售的现代化企业;公司建有铸造、铝型材、锻压、金工、铜铝焊,玻璃钢绝缘材料、防腐处理、钢材加工、开关及配件等九大The production workshop;拥有成熟的闪光焊、摩擦焊、杆焊等铜铝焊和氩弧焊等工艺,Also has a full range of high and low pressure casting,Gravity casting, sand casting and profile extrusion process,Various types of gold products are complete,The company can be customized according to user requirements,Welcome new and old customers to order!

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