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That's what basket screws do?


   Flower basket screw, also known as adjusting screw, mainly plays a role in adjusting tension, mainly used for wire rope tension work, according to the different molding process is mainly divided into ordinary carbon steel, cast malleable steel and forging three, the market is mainly ordinary carbon steel and forging two.

Lightning protection technology

   Basket screws are generally made of steel,并经过热镀锌防腐处理;两端分别加工有正、反螺纹的螺母,两端有带拉环的螺杆、拉杆、锁紧螺母组成;是用左右旋螺纹来调节连接长度的组合件,可分平环和圆环两种;通过调整螺杆的位置可调整花篮螺丝的长度,In order to adjust the tension of the wire, ground wire,After adjustment, it is used for locking nut locking,To ensure that there is no loosening in operation.

Fixed metal processing

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