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Enhanced hanging plate technology improvement measures!


    Long-distance lines need to be set up in electric power construction,A lot of electrical fixtures are needed on transmission lines,These fittings can withstand cable pressure well,并可助电缆的运行正常和输电线路上的平稳运行;但也有些金具在使用的时候容易出现强度不够的情况,The connecting plate swings up and down when connected with bolts,Subsequently, the bolt connection was mispositioned,It will also affect the actual use effect of hanging board.

Connecting metal fittings process

    The new enhanced hanging plate includes a connecting member and a hanging plate,A connecting part is arranged on the hanging plate,The connecting part is at the lower part of the hanging plate,The hanging plate has a connecting groove in the middle,Connecting columns are arranged on both sides of the connecting groove,A connecting hole is provided at the upper part of the column,There are positioning bolts in the holes,The locating bolt can be passed through the connecting hole,Connection holes in the hanging plate can hold the positioning bolts inside,The stability of fixed bolt is improved,Radian structure can be used below the positioning hole on the hanging plate,This enhances the limit of the locating bolt,Assembly of positioning bolts can also prevent sliding phenomenon.

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