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Fine overhead insulated wire lightning protection clamp


This period xiaobian for you to introduce overhead insulated wire lightning clip, want to understand the relevant knowledge of friends and xiaobian together to understand it:

1. Lightning shock discharge test:

After the product is installed according to the use state, detect whether the flashover is on the arc resistance of the online clamp under the action of lightning impact, and whether it can locate the power frequency arc path well。

2, power frequency arc test:

After the product is installed according to the state, check whether the power frequency continuous arc root after lightning strike flashover can be fixed on the arc resistance and burning, arc resistance and burn degree too can not protect the wire from burns。

3. Connecting resistance of wire clip:

After installing the wire clamp, the connecting resistance shall not be greater than 1 of the same length of wire.2倍。

4. Damage to wire:

After installing wire clamp, the wire breaking force shall not be less than 95% of the specified wire breaking force。

5, the flame retardant of insulation:

In the power frequency arc test, the insulation protection should not ignite and extend the combustion range。

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Lightning protection wire clip


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