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What are the characteristics of suspension hammer technology?


       The vibration hammer hanging on the transmission line, through the research and design of key components such as steel strand, hammer head and wire clamp structure and its specific setting mode, can improve the grip force of the vibration hammer, improve the damping of the steel strand, at the same time can control the movement of the wire out of the plane, broaden the vibration frequency range of the vibration hammer。

       1. The rubber core is used inside the steel strand, and the rubber core is wrapped with steel wire layer by layer to form the steel strand. The high damping rubber core steel strand improves the damping of the steel strand and makes its energy dissipation stronger under the condition that the stiffness of the steel strand does not change much。

       2. The hammer head is distributed on both sides of the steel strand,The hammer head adopts separate structure,Each hammer head is designed to include an L-shaped hammer head body,And two mass blocks of different masses not in the same horizontal plane are arranged on the hammer head of l-shaped structure,Thus the four hammer bodies of the two hammer heads of the anti-vibration hammer are not in the same plane,And then form a special spatial structure,Further broaden the vibration frequency of vibration hammer,Control vibration out of plane。

       3, the main body of the wire clamp and the inside of the wire clamp seat through high temperature vulcanized adhesive rubber layer, so that the wire clamp and the transmission line and the steel strand contact area is larger, to prevent the vibration hammer movement, transmission line and the steel strand surface stress distribution is more uniform, not easy to wear。

       4, both ends of the steel strand with a tight sleeve, the hammer is opened with a groove corresponding to the diameter of the sleeve, the steel strand with the sleeve is inserted into the groove of the hammer, and fixed with an adhesive, the steel strand and the hammer are fixed firmly, and the two ends of the hammer are closed, which can prevent the rubber core from falling out in vibration。

       5, the rubber layer of high temperature fluidization process is studied and designed, can be online clamp main body of the sleeve hole, clip hole and line clip seat of the clip hole formed to meet the needs of the rubber layer, can prevent the vibration hammer movement, and prevent the transmission line and steel strand wear。


      The steel strand is used to connect the hammer and the clip and play the role of energy dissipation. The hammer is arranged at both ends of the steel strand to cooperate with the frequency of the breeze vibration of the transmission line to reduce the vibration amplitude of the breeze. The clip is arranged on the steel strand and is used to hang the shockproof hammer on the transmission line。Through the mutual cooperation of each component, it can improve the gripping force of the vibration hammer and control the movement of the wire outside the plane. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing and strong applicability。


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