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Fixed metalware technology


Fixed metalware technology

     The fixing fixture includes a fixing seat,One connector and two connectors,One end of a connecting piece is connected with a fixing seat,One end of the two connectors is also connected with the fixing seat,A connecting piece and a two connecting piece both include a fixed end and a casing part,The casing part is connected with the fixed end,A groove is arranged on the fixing seat,The lower part of the tank is provided with a screw hole,The fixed seat is connected with the vertical support rod through a groove,A connecting piece and two connecting pieces are staggered arranged on the fixed seat。The new type is arranged on the fixed seat connecting the vertical support rod by connecting a connecting piece and two connecting pieces of the oblique support rod,The two diagonal support rods can be firmly fixed to one end of the vertical support rod,Diagonal support rods do not need to contact mounting holes,It avoids the problem that the inclined support rod does not match the fixed hole position in the installation process in the existing technology,The utility model has simple structure,Good stability。


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