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Wedge type tension clamp


Wedge type tension clamp

NEJ(JNE) wedge type insulated tension-resistant wire clamp is suitable for fixing and tension-resistant insulator on the terminal or both ends of tension-resistant section of overhead insulated wire with rated voltage up to and including 10kV。

Wedge structure, the grip force of the wire is proportional to the tension, with self-tightening characteristics, maintenance-free operation。

The C-shaped shell of the wire clamp is die-cast by aluminum alloy with high strength and oxidation resistance, without hysteresis and eddy current. It is an energy saving gold tool。

Shell C type opening design, wedge and wire placement is easy, easy to install。

The inner wedge is made of weather-resistant insulation reinforced engineering plastics, which can withstand AC voltage of 45kV and keep pressure for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover。


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