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Tension clamp workshop


Tension clamp workshop

      According to the different structure and installation conditions, tensioning wire clips can be roughly divided into two categories。Class a: tension-resistant wire clamp to bear all the tension of the wire or lightning conductor, the grip force of the wire clamp is not less than 90 of the rated tension of the installed wire or lightning conductor, but not as a conductor。This kind of wire clamp can be removed after the installation of the wire and used separately。This kind of wire clip has bolt type tension clip and wedge type tension clip and so on。Type ii: tensioning clamp in addition to bear all the tension of wire or lightning conductor, but also as a conductor。Therefore, once this kind of wire clamp is installed, it cannot be disassembled again. It is also called dead wire clamp。As a conductor, the installation of the wire clamp shall be carried out carefully in accordance with the relevant installation procedures。


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