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Protect the metalware workshop


Protect the metalware workshop

The characteristics and three standards of electric power fittings are iron or aluminum metal accessories widely used in wire transmission, collectively referred to as fittings。Power fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine all kinds of devices in the power system to transfer mechanical and electrical loads and play a protective role。There are many kinds of gold implements and their uses are different。So how to install power fittings correctly?

    Proper installation of electrical fixtures requires the coordination of various components,Like all kinds of wire clips for mounting wires,Insulator string consists of various hanging rings,Various pressure nozzles and repair pipes for connecting wires,Various types of spacers on split wires, etc,There are all kinds of wire with the tower and so on,And what's used to protect the wire depends on the size。Before using, we should check the shell and power line of the utensil to ensure that it is intact, without damage and without leakage。Anyhow, correct use and correct installation are having certain influence to the safe transmission of the line, correct installation and correct use of electric power fittings are having very big effect。


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