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The production workshop

Tension clamp workshop


Tension clamp workshop

       What are the characteristics of tensioning line clamp? 

 1) High tensile clamp strength, reliable grip。Grip strength of wire clamp not less than 95%。

 2) The wire clip has uniform stress distribution on the stranded wire, does not damage the stranded wire, improves the vibration resistance of the stranded wire, and greatly extends the service life of the wire。

 3) Simple installation and convenient construction。Can greatly shorten the construction time, without any special tools, one person can complete the operation。

 4) The installation quality of the wire clip is easy to ensure, which can be inspected by the naked eye without special training。

 5) Good corrosion resistance, selection of high-quality materials。The material is exactly the same as the wire to ensure that the wire clip has strong electrochemical corrosion resistance。

 6) Optional anti-theft ring, a good solution to the anti-theft problem。



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