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Connect to the location of the fittings


Connect to the location of the fittings

UT type wire clamp of power fittings adopts wedge type self-locking structure to clamp the steel strand into the online groove。Generally used for the lower end of the cable tower。What should BE paid attention to when installing UT cable clip?Remind you UT wire clip installation must pay attention to the following points:

1, before installation, the lubricant should be coated on the screw buckle。

2, the bending part of the wire should not have obvious loose strands, the broken end of the wire and the main line of the wire should be fixed and reliable, the length of the tail line exposed at the clip is three to five centimeters, and the tail line should be tied firmly after turning back。

3. The contact between the wire clamping tongue plate and the wire should be close, and there is no sliding phenomenon after the force is carried out. The convex belly of the wire clamping is on the side of the tail line。

4, pull cable binding wire to use 3.2mm small galvanized iron wire, the long end of the cable is 15 turns, the short end is 5 turns, the end of the cable should be twisted and tied firmly。The short end of the tie wire shall remain 25mm off-line, and the tie wire shall be uniform and tight。

5, UT type line entrap on the nut, the length of the screw thread should be one-third of the total length of the thread, after tightening, UT type line clamp double nuts are tight。

6, the same group of pull wire using double clip and connecting plate, the direction of the end of the line should be unified。


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