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Strength of hardware manufacturer


Strength of hardware manufacturer

   In the high-voltage line, there are many insulator pieces in the insulator string, and the voltage distribution on each insulator in the insulator string is uneven. The insulator near the wire bears a high voltage, so the deterioration rate of an insulator is very high。In order to change the voltage distribution of the insulator in the insulator string, a voltage equalizing ring is installed on the insulator string。The pressure equalizing ring is made of seamless steel tube, and the structure forms are round, long oval, inverted triangle, wheel shape and so on。When the pressure equalizing ring is installed, the edge of the steel pipe should be above a piece of insulator porcelain skirt or on the contour line. Generally, it should be installed at a distance of 75-100mm from a piece of insulator porcelain skirt to avoid corona in the early stage of an insulator accessory。The distance between the edge of the pressure equalizing ring and the edge of the insulator skirt is 150-250mm。In engineering, the size should be determined by test


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