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Comparison of construction differences between puncture clamp and T-shaped clamp:


      The previous puncture wire clip,Incoming side and outgoing side,The needle is used to Pierce the insulation layer of the wire to drain,Both in the process of use is not into the line side burned,That's when the outlet side burns,Easy to appear unstable power supply,And cause different degrees of damage to the cable,The main reason is that the inlet side and outlet side are drainage by needle,During the installation process,Needles tend to get loose,It is prone to subtle changes in structure during use,Impact on power supply efficiency。The main end and dividing end of the original puncture clip are T-shaped fixed. If the transverse and longitudinal parts of the T-shaped clip are deformed or bent during installation and use, the cable will be damaged and the power supply will be affected。

      The T - shaped clamp keeps the inlet line side as the original needle drainage mode,Turn the outlet side into the casing connecting lead,There has been a fundamental change in structure,And a number of copper wires are connected between the transverse structure and the longitudinal structure of the T-shaped wire clamp, that is, between the needle fixing frame and the sleeve,Copper wire has certain deformability,When there is a small amount of bending and twisting,It can be solved by a small deformation of the copper wire,There will be no breakage or damage,Therefore, in use, the needle and sleeve can be tightly fixed on the surface of the inlet and outlet lines,It is not easy to burn the contact surface and will not cause damage to the cable,Prolong the service life of the equipment,At the same time, the stable power supply of the incoming line and the outgoing line is protected。

      再次,实用新型在两固定壳体外侧相应于螺栓头部和螺母设置有一防水盖,在套管上相应于压接端子设有二防水盖;加强了 T型线夹的防水效果,增加了T型线夹和线缆的使用寿命。


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