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Wiring copper nose role introduction!


   Terminals are also called copper noses,有开口的有窥口的;铜鼻子是为了节约劳动烦琐和节约时间设计的接线配件;主要用于电缆和设备的连接,Usually with waterproof terminals,Plugging of oil terminal,Common terminal,Open terminal,Mainly used in cables and switches, cables and bus and other electrical equipment connection,It can also be used for line connection and cable overhead line connection.

    The copper nose is the connector for connecting applicable cables to electrical equipment,The top of the cable is fixed with a screw edge and a peeled copper core at the end,Suitable for cross section 10-700 square,Larger than 10 square use copper nose,Less than 10 square can be used cold pressure line nose,铜鼻子的表面有镀锡和不镀锡的、管压式和堵油式的区别;它长期工作温度-55℃-150℃,The surface is tinned or not galvanized,Ampacity is full contact,It conducts electricity well and is easy to replace.

        Cable fixing fittings

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Power line enhanced (hanging board) construction technology!

Implementation of intelligent monitoring function for connecting power fittings:


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