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Suspension clip technical elements of the implementation process, you can understand oh!


    1.The overhang clamp is used for the erection of optical cables or low-voltage insulated wires,There is a U-shaped bracket and a clip block made of elastic insulating material fixedly installed in the bracket,The through-trough is arranged on the central axis to hold cables,The top surface of the through slot and the clamp block is provided with an opening connected with it,The bracket comprises a clamping arm and two clamping arms holding the clamping line block,The pivot is connected to the bottom of the two arms,A mounting piece with a fixing bracket is provided on the clamping arm,Clamp block can be fixed with a clamp arm,The locking part arranged at the opening of the bracket can be used to clamp the two clamping arms together.

    2.The lower end of a clamp arm is provided with a fixing hole, and the side of the clamp block near the clamp arm is provided with a raised part matching the fixing hole. The length of a clamp arm is required to be greater than that of two.

    3.The locking member includes a screw,The screw has a clip at one end and a nut at the other end,A clamping arm near the upper edge of the clamping block is provided with a locking groove that can be passed through by a screw,There are two locking slots arranged on the two clamping arms,The nut is installed in two locking slots,一锁定槽的上方有与其相连的通孔;卡凸的直径大于两个锁定槽的直径,The diameter of the convex must be smaller than that of the through-hole.


Composite insulator technology

     Suspension clamp is mainly used for suspension and fixed cable erection. During construction, the clamping space formed between the two clamping arms of the bracket can be opened. When receiving and storing the suspension clamp, the separation between the bracket and the clamping block can avoid the loss of parts caused by the separation, and it can make the work of stretching the opening part of the clamping block more convenient.

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