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Main factors of insulation resistance measurement results:


   Power fittings are widely used in high and low voltage power engineering,There are many different types of it,Can meet the use of different needs,To facilitate the assembly and connection of electrical installations and provide corresponding security,还能起到应有的防护作用;温度和湿度及放电时间是影响金具Main factors of insulation resistance measurement results:


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  1.As the temperature rises, the gradation of the medium intensifies, resulting in a decrease in resistance and an increase in conductance. As the temperature rises, the insulation resistance decreases.

  2.The surface of insulation resistance is damp or water marks on the surface of porcelain insulation will cause the insulation resistance to be significantly reduced. When the humidity of insulation is relatively large, it will absorb more water, which will lead to electric increase and reduce the insulation resistance.

  3.Insulation resistance measurement is the same as applying DC voltage to insulation. After charging and measuring the measured object, all the measured object should be discharged, and the discharging time should be longer than the charging time, so as to avoid the assumption that the measured value gets smaller and absorption ratio decreases or the insulation resistance value increases due to the residual charge is not exhausted.

Joint technology of fittings

    Due to the differences in the production and design of the metal fittings themselves, there will be certain differences in their functions and characteristics. They can be purchased according to the actual needs, so as to give full play to their due value in use, provide better services and promote the smooth operation of high voltage power.

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